She said “I love you Daddy”-2

Her legs began to clamp on my head almost immediately, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. I licked my daughter’s pussy with incredible eagerness, knowing how much she was enjoying the moment. Her hands reached to my head and blindly found my ears, which she pulled and tugged as her body climaxed and she let out a scream. I continued to slide my tongue inside her, alternating with my hand as I rubbed and fingered her clit to another orgasm.

She lay on the bed, body quivering, and began to plead with me: “Daddy, please…please fuck me! I want your cock inside of me…fuck me with that monster, Daddy, please!” She turned her body and lay face down on the bed in a prone position. Spreading her ass cheeks, she bared her asshole to me and whispered, “After you fuck my pussy, I want you to finish here, Daddy…” I straddled her legs and pushed the tip of my cock past her wet, parting lips. She gasped as I entered her, still pulling her cheeks apart and closing her eyes tightly. With long, deep strokes, I fucked my only child, feeling her clamp her wet pussy around my cock. My head was spinning – I could hardly believe my own flesh and blood wanted me this way so badly. I continued to push my cock deep into her and could feel my own orgasm coming soon.

“Daddy…my ass…fuck my ass!”, she screamed as I pulled out of her tight pussy. I hovered above her, saliva collecting in my mouth, and dripped all I could onto her. I pushed a finger inside her ass and watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. This, I knew, would be a glorious moment for both of us. The tip of my cock pressed against her tight hole, and with a little effort, slid inside. Immediately, it felt as if a clamp was holding onto my cock, and I could barely manage a few short strokes. My back arched as I plunged myself as deeply as I could before shooting a warm blast of cum inside my little girl’s asshole. This certainly would seal the deal and guarantee my own place in Hell, I thought. I collapsed on top of her and felt her warm body breathing deeply, knowing that we had just shared the most intimate and taboo moment ever. My daughter looked at me and promised with a kiss that she would never tell a soul…that is, on the condition I fuck her whenever she wanted.

I paced through the room, muttering to myself and trying to make sense of all the thoughts running through my head.  It had been weeks since my only child, my beautiful daughter, had both changed and entwined our lives together forever.  On the surface, it sounded so erotic, being at the beck and call of this young woman, who would have her way with me whenever she pleased.  Often it was just a quick encounter to satisfy her immediate need – giving a blowjob in a department store fitting room; a standing fuck in the park gazebo, where we found we could be partially secluded from the view of other passers-by; however, sometimes, of course, she demanded all sexual attention solely on her, perhaps to rub and finger her pussy on the couch as we watched a movie together, which always ended with me on my knees in front of her, bringing her to a screaming orgasm as I licked, sucked, and nibbled on her clit.  And take to screaming she most certainly did.

Once only a moaning little girl in the throes of a passionate moment, she had become quite accustomed to this new arrangement of having me as, quite literally, her personal sex slave.  It was her increasing demands, as well as those few instances where I thought she was being careless with our incredibly taboo secret, that now made me pace about with such agitating thoughts running through my mind.  To her, it was simply a matter of power and control. Unbeknownst to me, when she put her mouth around my cock and drew that first hot load, she had a plan in place all along.  It was increasingly apparent what needed to be done to restore some sense of order in both my mind and home – I would simply have to take the power back.  It was a few weeks and so many demands later that I had finally came to terms with what I would have to do.

It was a particularly long day for me, and I was more or less through with dealing with people on any level.  As I quietly closed the door behind me, she called out to me with demand in her voice.  “Daddy!  You’ve made me wait for you all day!  Drop your things and come to my room – now!”  My heart started to race – I was in no mood to be ordered around, least of all by my daughter, but quickly realized it was a perfect time to carry out my deviant plan.  Stopping at her slightly ajar bedroom door, I lowered my head a moment and breathed deeply, letting out a long sigh.  I pushed the door open and laid my eyes upon her, leaning up against the headboard, completely undressed, with legs propped and spread at the knees.

A familiar humming could be heard from the vibrator she was sliding inside her wet hole, taking the occasional opportunity to pull the toy from within her pussy to massage her clit.  These days, my once innocent angel showed hardly any modesty at all, and would often simply walk through the house in various states of undress, always ready to have me perform for her in some way.  “I couldn’t wait for you, Daddy…you were taking so long to come home!  I’ve cum so many times thinking of you between my legs.

I never thought it could feel so good for you to tease me with your mouth, but it does so much, and I just can’t get enough of you!  And I have you ALL TO MYSELF, at home, where I can have you ANYTIME I want.”  It was true – she did have me anytime she wanted.  Our secret had become the perfect opportunity for her to both fully understand and exercise her ability to blackmail me.  Still, she looked so inviting as she fucked herself with her toy.  My hand dropped to my side and slowly to the front of my pants, where I could feel myself quickly becoming aroused.  “That’s right, Daddy, take your cock out for me…ooh, it looks so good to me every time you pull it out!”  My dick was hard and literally sprung from my pants as I unbuttoned them.  I had come to love the feel of my daughter’s sweet mouth sucking me off.  She was quite skilled, always knowing the right moments to pump my cock with her hand or when to lick my balls.  I could feel a wetness at the tip of my cock, and rubbed the underside of the bulbous head with the seminal fluid that had seeped out.  This, I thought, would be the fucking that she would never forget.

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