Sexual experience of Priya-4

She shivered. “Could we go into your bedroom? I’m cold out here.” We left the vegetables and dip to spoil and went to my room. Priya climbed right into the sheets. I started to undress, then stopped to turn out the lights.

“Don’t, please.” She said.

“Honey, I’m not a young hunk. I’ve got quite a few more miles on my chassis that Sunny.” I pulled off my shoes and shirt.

“But it’s you that I love, Daddy. I want to see what I saw the first morning.”

“Wh-what do you m-mean, the first morning?” I stuttered, my pants and cock both at half-mast.

“I woke up and heard moaning. I got up and crept down the hall and peeked in your door. I saw you touching yourself. All alone. I so much wanted to come to you then, but I knew I had to ask you first. I had to know that you really, truly loved me.”

I dropped my shorts and let her look at me, the body that seemed to resist workouts at the gym: my hairy legs, my slight pot gut, my cock, then I slid between the sheets myself.

I lay on my back and pulled my little sweetheart to me. She sighed and lay her head upon my chest. “This is what was waiting for me outside the front door in my dreams.” She said, “Promise me that you will always love me and never send me away from you.”

“I promise Sweet, I promise. You have to promise that you will never tell anyone of what we’re doing. Your mom would send me to jail.” How ironic! After all those accusations Bess made!

“Daddy, I could never turn on you! I’m not going to be like Mom when I grow up. I’m not like her now!”

“No, you’re not. Come give me a kiss.”

Priya raised herself on her arms and hung her head over me. Her skin was flawless; her hair made a private chamber that held only our faces. Her eyes…I lost myself in her eyes as they grew bigger and bigger and we were kissing, deeply and slowly. I put one hand lightly on the back of her neck and the other on the cheek of her ass. She squirmed slowly against me as we kissed. After what seemed like hours she lifted her head.

“Wow.” She gasped, “That’s like all the dreams in the world coming true.”

“That’s just the start, little girl.”

I lay her on her back and moved so that I lay beside her. I bent my head down and kissed her neck and shoulders, nipping every so often. She would jump at every nip, and then shiver and relax. I stroked her belly with my hand while my mouth moved from her shoulders to the hollow of her neck. My mouth moved up and down her neck from the hollow, to her chin, up her jaw to her ear, down her neck to her shoulder, never rushing. She ran her fingers through the short hair on the back of my head.

Her skin now had the salt taste of sweat and she smelled of that exotic bazaar. Her belly shifted to push against my hand; I moved my hand down between her legs, feeling her bare little cunny. She gasped, then said, “Do it Daddy, don’t stop.”

I kissed slowly down to her left breast. She arched her back crushing her swollen nipple into my mouth. I ran my tongue around it, sucking and pulling back until it popped free from my mouth. I continued kissing down the length of her belly, feeling with my lips the downy soft hair that I had seen that first morning.

I moved my head between her legs. I was surprised, for she had three pubic hairs at the bottom of her cunny. The lips were wet and hung loose. I bent down and began to run my tongue lightly up and down those sweet lips. I had a bigger surprise; Priya’s clitoris was at least a half-inch long. It looked like a little penis. I took the clit between my lips and gently flicked it with my tongue. Priya groaned and grabbed my head, pulling it down to her sex while thrusting up with her hips. I sucked both lips into my mouth along with her clit and plunged my tongue into her.

Priya grabbed a pillow and hugged it to her breasts. Her moans became a chant, “Yes Daddy, you do love me, I’m the very best girl and I’ll be everything you want because I love you and you wanted me and waited for me and I came to you and you were there and now you’re here and it’s so good and I…I…I…”

Her hips bucked and her little cunny spasmed and pulsed. She rocked back and forth moaning “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…” Slowly, she went limp.

As I climbed up next to her, she grabbed me and started weeping softly. “Oh Daddy hold me, hold me, hold me.” I held her until her tears slowed. “Daddy, that was…I don’t know! I don’t have words! Is it that good for you?”

I pulled back and let her see my cock, now three-quarters erect. “It will be when you please me!”

“Oh Daddy, show me how!” She rolled on her back and lifted her legs as I supposed she had seen her mother do. I knelt between her legs and placed the head of my hardening cock between her puffy, wet cunny lips. Then I moved it slowly up and down the lips, smearing them with both our wetness. She shuddered when the spongy head rubbed against her huge clit. After a couple of minute of this, I positioned myself at her opening and pushed very slowly. The head sank into her and I felt the ring muscles of her cunny grab me as my head ridge slipped past.

“Ah..Ahh, ” she moaned in discomfort. I stopped pushing, placed a moistened finger beside her clit and gently flicked back and forth.

The response was dramatic. Her vagina opened like a mouth and swallowed a quarter of my cock.

Priya’s eyes seemed glazed, unfocused. Her breath came in gasps. I pushed gently until I felt the hard nub of her cervix against the head of my cock. I was only halfway in. I pulled slowly out; Priya’s mouth made an “o” but no sound came out. I pushed again and her eyes rolled up in her head. I hoped she was enjoying it, because otherwise she was having some kind of fit.

Then I felt her cunny grab my cock in the pulse of orgasm. I pushed gently one last time and felt myself explode in her, splashing her hidden places with my come. Priya lay quietly underneath me. I slowly pulled myself out of her, lay down next to her, pulled the bedclothes over us and turned out the light. I fell asleep and again, I dreamed.

—I was swimming in the sea, the green tropic sea with a breeze
carrying the spicy smell of the Indies… Priya was a mermaid…
I dived down through the green depths of Priya’s eyes and
between her legs and her bare little-girl cunny and the three
red hairs were alive like anemones, wrapping around my legs
and pulling me into her cunny and her clit was an erect penis
and the anemone spread my legs and I took it into me and I
was on my back and Bess/Priya was above me and was fucking
me with her penis/clit and I came and came and came… ———–

Chapter 5 — Comes the Dawn

I was muzzy, half-awake, wondering what was tangled in my legs. My foggy brain realized it was a woman’s legs and I pulled her to me, pressing my growing erection against her slim ass. The woman pushed her ass back and drove my cock into the valley of her ass cheeks. I groaned with pleasure. The woman’s voice murmured, “Daddy,” and I came bolt awake. The events of the previous night flooded my brain and my heart began to hammer.

Was I nuts? Was I a pervert? If the slightest hint of this came out, not only would it ruin my chances in politics, but Bess would see me thrown into the deepest, darkest prison in the western hemisphere. No, somehow she would go on the ‘Donahue’ show, display my picture, tell what I had done and have me thrown into a Turkish prison, and ensure that I was never released.

It seemed to be my fate, my doom, that I continually be led around by my dick. First Bess and now Priya. Well, no more! I was master of my fate and the captain of my penis! I was getting out of this bed, putting my pants on…

“Daddy?” Priya stirred in my arms. “Come give me a good-morning kiss.”

She turned to face me, her satiny thighs nestled up against mine. She peered through her tousled hair and found my lips with hers. My cock declared mutiny against its captain and poked her soft belly. She pulled back and smiled a warm, knowing smile. “Already? You are so strong! I’m a little sore this morning.”

My heart jumped. “Oh, Baby! Did I hurt you?”

She smiled. “No, Daddy, I’m just a little stiff.” The smile grew mischievous. “I can tell that you are, too. But give me a few minutes to shower and see how I feel.”

With that she slipped out of the bed and across the hall into the bathroom. I heard the sink running, then the toilet flush and the shower start. My mind played with a picture of the soap suds running down the crack of her ass and my cock got rather sore. I looked down at my offending member. “Well, Stanley, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.” My cock remained silent, the jerk.

I climbed out of bed and pulled on my old bathrobe. I stumped out to the kitchen and filled the coffee carafe with cold water. There was a scream from the shower. It was taking me longer than I thought to get used to living with another person. I started the coffee brewing and went out to wait on the living room couch. I started watching the morning news. A sound bite from C-SPAN showed the congresswoman was giving Senator B— pure hell from the House floor. It was a kick to hear my speech delivered by a fiery orator. She really made those words hers. It sounded as if she believed them.

Hands covered my eyes. “Guess who?” a sweet voice asked. “Three guesses.”

“Ummmm… Is it Susan from the agency? No? How about Karen from the health club? No, I know. It’s that sexy little Priya Lewiston with the big green eyes.” I grabbed her arms and pulled her onto my lap. She was wrapped in one of my big Turkish towels, her hair blown dry and floating like a halo around her head. “How are you Sweetheart?”

“I’m fine. Susan from the agency? Do you think she’s pretty?”

“Sure,” I said, “But I’m not interested in her and she’s not interested in me. We’re just colleagues.”

“That’s what you think.” Priya said slyly. “Monday when I went with you to the office and you had that meeting with Bob, the partner? Susan got me in her office and tried to pump me for information about you. What you liked and didn’t like, why you didn’t seem to chase women. I think that she thought you were a cold fish or maybe gay. When she saw you had a daughter and that you could act human, she wanted to know all about you. I think she’s been after you for a long time, you just never noticed.”

I was pleasantly surprised. Susan was a very attractive woman, two years older than me, that I admired for her wit and talent. Why is it that I had never thought of her romantically before? “Hey!” Priya said, “Get that look off your face! You’ve got a girlfriend!” I jumped back to the present, to this sweet armful of love, and a lot of things became clear. “Priya, you know I love you, and last night was and will be one of the greatest experiences of my life, but Baby, we can’t go on.”

I could see her settle herself into an entrenched position in her mind. “Why not?” she challenged.

This time my words came easily, clear and certain. “Because I don’t want you to having to live a lie about the central relationship in your life. Sweetheart, I love you. I’ll always be here for you. But you are just beginning a part of your life that I am halfway through. You have a lot of growing up to do before you decide on that special someone that you want to spend your life with. Dads are for the first part of your life. You have to, you get to pick someone else for the rest of it.”

Her eyes softened, but did not give up. “But I don’t want to be with some pimply teen-ager!”

“Sweetheart, they aren’t going to stay teenagers forever. Soon you’ll turn around and there will be just the kind of guy you are looking for. It doesn’t have to be today, or even ten years from now. Just keep looking inside your own heart and inside the hearts of those around you. Remember, when Grandma and Grandpa Lewiston met, she was 14 and he was 20. They married two years later.”

Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. “Does this mean you want to get rid of me for Susan?”

“Baby! No!” I hugged her close to me. “You and me are very special. We have something that most people can’t understand. I’ll always be here for you; I’ll always be in love with you. We just can’t live in a make-believe world.” I pulled back and looked into those bewitching green eyes. “Some things last all our lives, like my being your father; some things last only for a while and we have to make the most of them.” I pulled open her towel and gazed hungrily at her slim body. “And while we have this time together, there are a LOT of things I want to teach you, if you want to learn from me.”

I pulled the towel, bringing her belly to my lips and tickling her with my tongue. She giggled and screamed and pushed away. Her eyes danced. “OK, Daddy. For as long as it lasts, I want to learn everything about men that you’ll teach me.

“And I’ll always be Daddy’s girl.”

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