Sexual experience of Priya-2

I drove to the cleaners, then got on the freeway to the airport, driving on auto-pilot, thinking, planning. God, I didn’t have any clue about how to raise a young girl. She would be approaching womanhood and would have all kinds of questions and problems for which I had no answers and no relatives to ask advice. What had living with my ex-wife and her endless succession of boyfriends done to her psyche? Where could she stay? I had a small two-bedroom cottage, but one bedroom I had converted into an office/library. I would rough it on the couch that night, I decided, and figure out something else tomorrow.

At the airport I parked, ignored the shuttle bus and walked to the terminal. Oddly, I felt better and better the closer the time came. Planning the arrangements, I remembered another bedroom for Priya. I remembered how much fun I had fixing up the nursery for her when Bess was pregnant. The day seemed brighter and my steps lighter. Things were turning out for the best. Priya was no stranger; we had exchanged letters and confidences for six years. In nearly every letter I had promised that some day we would spend a lot of time together. That day had just come a little abruptly. By the time I arrived at the terminal, I was eager for her flight to be announced.

So of course the flight was delayed. As time passed, I realized that I had only a vague idea of what Priya looked like. I opened my wallet and looked at the picture I carried of her tenth birthday party, the last one we spent together. Green eyes, red mop of hair. She was twelve now and kids grow so fast. She must have changed–but how?

At last the video display showed her flight had landed and a crush of people stormed past the security gate. I didn’t recognize any of them. Then, trailing uncertainly a little behind, was a young, red-headed, stick-figure of a girl in blue jeans and a fisherman’s bulky knit sweater. “Priya! Hey, good-looking!”

“Daddy?” She started to run, but caught herself and walked with all the dignity a 12-year old can muster. “Daddy!” We hugged, and if I have any concept of heaven, it was there in that hug. Her eyes shone with relief and joy.

After all the rage, all the anxiety, all that was left was the humble truth. “I’m so happy you are here,” I told her. She had the greenest eyes with impossibly long lashes and dimples when she smiled. I could get lost in those eyes. “C’mon, let’s go get your bags.”

She bubbled over with stories about the flight, about her mother, and Sunny, the latest boyfriend. I listed with only half an ear as I watched for her bags, matched the numbers of the tag halves, and loaded them onto one of those rental carts. I didn’t seem as though she could have packed enough clothes in those bags for more that an overnight stay. “Priya, pardon me for interrupting, but do you have a nice dress in your bags?”

“Well, I’ve got a dress for emergencies,” she admitted, “but it’s not nice. It’s last year’s and it’s a little small.”

“Then I guess our first stop is a dress store. We’ve got a big dinner engagement tonight.” Priya was excited both at the prospect of shopping for a new dress and at the idea of a grown-up dinner party. When I told her that it was going to be mostly boring business, she became even more intrigued. I think she wanted a glimpse of how adults acted. Priya, like all kids that age, was in a big hurry to grow up.

At the store, Priya tried on dress after dress. I waited patiently as she paraded out in dresses that were too short, too long, too little-girlish, and too mature. Finally she came out in an off-the-shoulder green velvet gown that set off her green eyes. She was a stunner and not quite the stick figure that I had thought at first. I could see that soon she would fighting off the boys with a stick. “That dress, sweetheart? That dress makes you look 12 going on 29.” She looked down and blushed, the color spreading from her shoulders to her neck and face. She raised her face and her eyes met mine, pleading without words. I felt my heart leap and my insides get all twisted up. “OK, sweetheart, it’s yours.”

We stopped at the house just long enough to drop her bags and change clothes. We arrived at the restaurant with bare minutes to spare. As we walked up the steps to the restaurant Priya seemed a little hesitant. I squeezed her arm and said, “Buck up! Remember, no matter how old and rich they may be, you’re younger and prettier!” She rewarded me with those dimples, lifted her chin and walked in on my arm like British royalty.

Dinner was a resounding success. The congresswoman was charmed that I had brought my daughter. Priya said little, but her bright eyes tracked every move and verbal sally. When asked questions, she replied with a wit and charm that belied her 12 years. As we stood to leave, the congresswoman’s chief-of-staff smiled and said that if she was interested, he would encourage her to look into the congressional page program. She smiled and thanked him, but said that she had just arrived in town and it was a little soon to be thinking of leaving. He turned to me and said that he would be back in town next week to introduce me to the consulting firm that was going to handle the campaign.

Priya and I swept into the cottage in a euphoric rush. I was on top of the world. I scooped her up in my arms and impulsively kissed her. Her eyes shone. “We did it,” She said, “We showed those Washington bigwigs that Lewistons rule!” She pulled me close and kissed me full on the lips. I felt as though my heart would burst with joy. Here was one of the greatest nights of my life and instead of coming home alone, I could share it with the one person in the whole world who really loved me.

As we stood there, in each other’s arms I realized that the glowing, fluttery sensation in my stomach had moved lower. I was, in fact, having an erection. God! What was wrong with me? This was my daughter, my own flesh and blood! I push away from her awkwardly. Turning to hide the shameful state of my body. “Uh, I’ve got to use the bathroom. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I dodged into the bathroom and locked the door leaving Priya standing there looking puzzled. I took a couple of deep breaths and tried to calm down. I turned on the cold water tap and splashed my face. Get a grip. You’re just excited, just getting a little carried away by the moment. Breathe in; breathe out. Better. I flushed the toilet, turned off the tap, dried my face and hands and opened the door.

As I re-entered the living room, Priya was making the couch into a bed. “That’s very thoughtful, Sweetheart. Thank you. But I need my firm pillow or I’ll get a crick in my neck.”

She came over to me and put her arms around my waist and her head on my shoulder. “I know what you said earlier, Daddy, but I couldn’t take away your bed. I’ll sleep out here. I really don’t mind. I sleep like a log.”

“Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind?” She nodded. “Well, I’m bushed.” I untangled myself from her arms and stepped back. “I’m going to turn in.” She looked a little crestfallen, as though she wanted to celebrate all night long. “Hey, Sweetheart, you probably have jet-lag and we’ve got the all the time in the world. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time getting to know you.” She rewarded me again with those dimples, nodded and was caught unawares by a yawn.

“I guess you’re right. Today was busy with the flight and the dinner. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”

I went to my room, undressed, and fell asleep. But my sleep was full of dreams of Priya.

—Priya as a naked little girl in the bathtub. Priya in the
green dress that matched her eyes and the dress became iridescent
green scales and she was a mermaid and her breasts were cold and
her eyes sea-green and her hair drifting and coiling around her
pale blue face and she was slippery in my arms and her nipples
gouged my chest and her mouth was full of sharp little teeth and
she bit my shoulders and belly and took my small, flaccid cock
into her mouth and laughed.————————————-

Chapter 2 — Venus Revealed

I woke with a start. All my dreams came back in a rush and my face grew hot. I looked at the clock. 6:03 a.m. My cock was as stiff as a rod and made a tent of my bedclothes. My testicles felt as if I had been bronco busting all night. I couldn’t go out to meet my daughter like this! I decided that if I masturbated, I would better be able to control my body the rest of the morning. I opened my bedroom door a crack to see if Priya was awake. There was no sound from the rest of the house. I stepped out into the hall–still no sound.

As I rounded the corner into the living room, I saw Priya sprawled on the couch, stone asleep, finger in her mouth, her blankets all twisted up. Poor kid on a hard, lumpy couch in a strange place. Why had I let her talk me into letting her sleep out here? I tugged on a corner of the blanket to straighten it out and it slipped to the floor. Her nightie had twisted up to her waist and one of her knees was raised against the couch back, exposing her genitals. I stood frozen for a moment as my flagging erection rehardened. I was hypnotized by what I saw. I knelt and shook her shoulder gently. “Priya, Priya, honey. Are you asleep?” her breathing stayed slow and steady. I could see her pulse in her neck. I placed my hand over her heart and felt the steady lub-dub, lub-dub of her life. My hand felt the thinness of the cotton, the smoothness of her skin and the point of her nipple.

I felt a terrible sense of wrongness, mixed with a powerful attraction. I had never seen a woman so young, so vulnerable. I would never see this again. Trembling, I leaned forward and brushed her cheek with my lips. Her skin was as soft as an infant’s. There was a soft down on her neck. She smelled, salty, slightly spicy, like the breeze blown from some exotic oriental bazaar. I rocked back on my heels and looked at the wrinkled inner lips of her genitals. No pubic hair camouflaged their beauty. I looked up and saw the golden down on the swell of her belly. I looked at my own belly and realized that I had better get back to my room and do what I had intended; my pajama bottoms were getting soaked by my leaky cock.

I tucked the blankets around her and tiptoed to my room. Dropping my pajama bottoms, I picked up a bottle of hand lotion. I lay back on my bed, closed my eyes and let images come unbidden to mind. Bess… Jenney’s mother… the best sex in my life was with her… Bess was a harpy, but her ass was to die for… Bess’s hazel eyes… Priya’s eyes… Priya’s legs akimbo… Priya’s little girl cunt, soft and shriveled… my hot cock parting the soft lips and burying itself in her flesh… her scream of pleasure… my moans…

After five minutes of delicious delay, my heart thudded in my chest, my belly and thighs tensed, and I came as I have rarely come, soaking my pajama tops to match my bottoms. As I spun back down to earth I suddenly wondered; had I really moaned or was that just in my imagination? I held my breath, listening. No sound. The apartment was as quiet as before. I pulled the bedclothes over me and dozed off.

When I woke I heard the shower running. I looked at the clock. 7:21 am. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and feet landed right on my cold, damp pajama bottoms. A shiver ran up my spine and I hurriedly pulled off my tops. I gathered them up and stuffed them under the bed blankets. Got to remember to do the laundry today. I threw on some sweat pants and a shirt and went out to face the day. I made coffee first. As I turned on the cold water to fill the carafe, I heard a screech from the shower. “Sorry!” I yelled. I was going to have to get used to living with someone again. While the coffee dripped, I sat on the couch (now with its bedclothes put away, returned to its daytime function) and watched the morning news shows. Senator B was denying he had any knowledge of what his company was doing, which made him look less venial but more stupid. I made a few mental notes, catching the his characteristic phrasing, the better to mock it.

I heard, in the back of my mind, the shower stop and the bathroom door open. “‘Morning!” I said as I turned to greet my daughter. I froze. Priya stood there, drying herself off, naked as the day she was born. Her body was only sporadically hidden as she chafed her skin with the towel. The figure that I had guessed at in the green dress was now displayed. Her slim waist swelled just slightly at her hips. Her breasts were just a swelling of her nipples, beaded with water, now erect from the cool morning air.

“Wow, did that shower feel good! I could eat a dozen pancakes! Do you have any pancake mix? I could make some from scratch. What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing, sweetheart. I’m just a little slow before I get my c-coffee.”

She rummaged through her bags and pulled on an oversized sweatshirt that hung halfway to her knees. “There! Now we match. Let’s get breakfast.”

Chapter 3 — Dreams Revealed

The next few days I managed to shove aside my indecent thoughts and Priya and became like old friends meeting for the first time. It felt like that old legend about ancient souls that meet again and again in successive lives. We went to a chinese restaurant for lunch and Priya ordered for both of us. “How did you know that I loved General Tso’s chicken?” I asked. “You told me in a letter last year.” We stopped for ice cream cones I ordered her Mighty Mocha “How did you know?” she asked. “You’ve been a chocoholic since you were a baby.” And so it went. I watched Priya closely when she talked. I could see Bess in the way she tossed her head, the way she used her hands when she spoke. I could see me in the shape of her brow and the line of her jaw. I felt an attraction, like cables wrapped around my heart, squeezing it, pulling me towards her. She had always been in the background of my day-to-day life, but now she was the Sun and I had just discovered the Copernican system.

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