Peeping into Pooja’s Skirt

After I fucked Seema on the day her relative had expired, I got another chance to screw her after three days when her parents went again to do some rituals in the nearby town. This time it was more fun this time. I explored her body more this time. I inserted my fingers in her pussy and she squirmed a lot. She refused the blowjob even after persistent requests. It was more fun to fuck her this time.

In October first week we faced our first we faced our first internal exams. I stood first in the class, getting around 84% marks (if my memory serves me right), Seema was in 70s and Pooja barely managed to pass. Pooja as I previously told you had fluncked in final year of school and was doing it again.

So her mother came to my mother requesting that if Pooja could study with me. She also offered that I can study at her place. But as Pooja’s mother had a reputation of being a strict and nosey person, I declined. However, it was agreed that Pooja could study at my place after dinner for an hour or so and then go back to her place to sleep. She used to stay in the adjacent building and that was not a problem.

My mother was a chilled out lady, who used to spend time gossiping with the neighbouress, cooking and watching TV. TV shows of then recently started Zee TV was her undoing. She was glued to them so much that even the dinner time had shifted prior to the beginning of the serials. She would not even get up to pee when the serial went on air.

My father used to have shifts of 6AM – 2PM, 2PM – 10PM and 10PM – 6AM which used to change on a weekly basis.

It was also the time when Ramlila was being played nearby. Pooja was in my room and Seema was getting mad at her place. She made me promise her that I would not tell Pooja anything about the sex which we have had nor do anything beyond the usual with Pooja. (As if dry humping, groping, touching etc is fine and beyond that commitment automatically follows.)

To set the scene, our govt. quarter was a two bedroom flat, one bedroom was bigger than other and there was a small lobby. Two bedrooms were seperated by bathroom and tiolet in between. and there was a small passage to enter the smaller bedroom at back. This smaller bedroom was my room, which had a single bed, a small study table, one cupboard in the wall, which was full of clothes, books and a lot of cassettes (I was a music buff).

The study table was pushed ahead and two chairs were placed on the either side so that I and Pooja could sit across.The first night, when she same to study, she was wearing the usual salwar kameej, as it was her normal attire. I put my foot between her legs. She squirmed. I assured her that unlike her mom, my mother won’t even peep into see whether we are studying or fucking. She tried to remove my feet, but I persisted and twitched my foot in her pussy area. And then after 15 minutes or so, I think, she had her first orgasm, she squeezed my foot a few times and went all red. Then she just relaxed and gave a soft moan. (I could not fathom at that time, but she said, she wanted to go and pee).

After her, I also went to the bathroom and masterbated. On return, I groped her boobs from behind for 2-3 minutes. I egged her to wear skirt, which she refused. However, this became a daily routine, I would put my feet there, she would squeeze my dick when I got up, I would masterbate after half and hour or so and then we would study. It was not possible for me to concentrate on anything unless I had spilled the seed in the toilet.

Also, I got a chance to fuck Seema once in between. We spent two hours with each other, during which time, I fucked her twice. Our timings and enjoyment had increased manyfold by then. However, she would not suck me, but I started enjoying licking her and was spending more and more time with my face buried in her pussy, even in the evenings, when we went to our usual place behind the water tank.

Also, during this time, once I had wandered in the backlane when we hit the ball there. There I saw Mrs. Khare, one of the hottest aunties of our colony changing clothes from the curtain slightly drawn aside. I just saw her back when she was putting up her Kameej, while she was facing opposite me. The time was around 5.30PM. She was known to dress for her husband who used to return every evening around 6 – 6.15 and then they usually went out on the Bajaj Cub Scooter that Mr. Khare owned. I made it a practise to visit that window time and again at the same time. Mostly I wasted my time waiting for her, but sometimes I got lucky, when I saw her bare back or panty clad bums.

Post Diwali, when there was a little chill in the air, one day Pooja arrived in a thick nightie at my home. I asked her, whether she has done it on purpose, she said, no she did it because now she is feeling the chill.

However, when I pressed my foot inside her nightie and moved it

to her pussy, I felt her bare pussy with my toe, I tried inserting my toe in her pussy but was not successful. Don’t know what came in my mind, I got up went close to her and downed my payajama and asked her to take my dick in her mouth. She was hesitant, but I pulled her head on it, she opened her mouth a bit and suddenly turned her head the other side. I persisted with her for another minute or so and she opened her mouth and took the tip in her mouth by bloating her cheeks. I held her head and forced my dick in her mouth. She gagged almost as a reflex and jumped out of the chair.

My mother called from other room, “Kya ho raha hai?” (Whats happening there?) She just replied, “Auntie, Shobhit Mujhe maar raha hai.” (Shobhit is hitting me). I got spooked and pulled up my payajama immediately. I yelled back immediately, “Itna simple equation samajh mein nahi aata, kahan dimaag rahta hai pata nahi. Phir kuch kaho to shikayat, bhaag ja yahan se” (You can not understand the simple equation and then resort to complaining, if I tell you anything).

She also yelled back at me and my mother had to come and intervene and what she said left both of us in laughter. My mother said, “Dheere dheere karwa, sab kar legi.” (Do it slowly, she would do everything.)

Another internal test in the school and she scored full marks in maths and good marks in English and Sanskrit. Her mother was convinced that she is in good company and during the December exams, it was decided between her mother, my mother, her and me that we should study till 12AM – 1AM. Thereafter she should sleep with my mother as my father was having a night shift and in the morning we should go and take the test. Seema when came to know of this idea, almost revolted. Making me promise on her head that I won’t do anything and so on.

To show my commitment to Seema I had to take her to the roof top and fuck her in standing position in the December cold. Though it was no fun, but I had to keep my girl happy and contented.

That very night just before the English exam, I diligently taught her all the concepts and poetry, how to explain and we waited till alomost 11.30. When I was sure that my mother has slept soundly. I went and closed her door. Came back closed my door and bolted it from inside.

I pulled Pooja on the single bed. She meekly protested but then I removed her woolen sweater and kameej, I took out her boobs from her bra and started kissing them, licking them and kneading them. She pleaded to be slow and gentle. She in turn showered her small small kisses all over my face. I put my hand and removed the string of her Salwar. Kissed her pussy over her Grey Panties. Then I removed her panties, she smelled bad, but I kissed her pussy, licked the inner thighs and she started throwing her legs in the air. I asked her to suck me, but she said, she almost puked when I tried last time and declined. I persisted but she

Then I spread her legs as I had practised with Seema and started penetrating. I placed my lips on her lips, when she said, “towel towel”, I immediately put a towel under her bums spread the legs again and tried penetrating. By God she was tight. I had to press again and again before my complete dick was inside, then I started humping her with full force. She wraped her legs around me on prodding from my side. And within 3-4 minutes I felt an ejaculation building in me. I had read in one of the pondy that one should stop and thus increase the timing, but I guess I was lil late in slowing down. Despite me just lying on her, I burst. And the seed was left in her cunt.

Suddenly she said, “khoon nikal raha hai.” I got up to see the sight of my cum oozing out of her pussy. I picked the same in my finger tip and showed it to her. She was bewildered and said, “par khoon to nikalna chahiye tha na, main kunwari jo hoon.” (But I should have bled, I am a virgin you see)

Even I was thinking that both the girls I fucked claim to be virgins but neither bled. Anyways, that was the thought of a moment, I was ready for the second round but she said, its 1AM and we need to take exam next day. While she was trying to wear her clothes, I hid the panty and then forced her to write her name with sketch pen on it. I hid those grey panties behind my cassette collection.

And thus next day we four went for our exams. She was confident that she had done well and the sex scene continued for 4 more nights, till my father’s night shift ended. The scores were 2 fucks for 2 days, 3 fuck on 3rd day and 2 fuck on 4th day.

She was confident that she had done well in exams, however on the last exam day Seema gave me the scare of my life that she seems to have missed her periods.

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