My girlfriend Nisha had sex with my dad-3

The bedroom window was wide open and the blinds were up. I hoped none of the neighbors were out in their yards to hear what was going on.

“So beautiful, so pink, so sweet,” he mumbled as he devoured her vaginal area. Dad growled like an a****l as he shoved his tongue deep inside her vagina. He was doing something right because Nisha screamed with pleasure as her first orgasm took place, lubricating his already sweaty face with her juices.

Dad inserted one of his fingers and then another into her vagina while massaging her clitoris with his tongue. This drove her wild and her reflexes kicked in, making her sit up. They started kissing and Nisha took control, pushing him over on his back.

Getting into her new position, Nisha looked over and saw me standing in the doorway. She smiled then took his enormous penis in her little hands and teased the top of it with her tongue, letting spit roll out of her mouth and onto his head. Dad’s toes wiggled and his legs flinched as she started to go down, tonguing his urethra before taking his mushroom-shaped head slowly into her pouty lips.

“Ahhhh,” Dad sighed. “Ahhhh. Oh Nisha, that feels so good. No one has ever sucked me before.”

“Your wife doesn’t suck you?” Nisha asked quickly before she went back down and took more into her throat.

“No,” Dad said. “She’s never sucked me. I’ve never had sex with anyone other than her.”

Nisha sounded turned on by what he said and she then went deeper and deeper. Dad continued to lie flat on his back, enjoying it as Nisha opened up her oral cavity to please as much of his manhood as she could.

“Oh Nisha,” he sighed raising his head back as she deep-throated him. She devoured his penis, and then coming up for air, she rested her throat but gave him no break in pleasure by continuing to lick it up and down its long shaft. She practically worshipped his penis as he moaned and babbled.

While worshipping my Dad’s penis, Nisha would frequently look over and look at me watching them through the opening between the door and the wall. She had even more torture lined up for me.

“I’ll bet your wife would never do this to you?” she asked as she went down and started to suck on his big, low-hanging testicles.

“Noooo,” Dad said as he laid back and spread his long legs open to give her access. “Ohhh that feels so good.”

Dad was really enjoying being tea-bagged but he wanted more. He got up and stood at the end of the bed. He then re-positioned Nisha at the edge, on her knees with her face down and her ass in the air. He knelt down on the floor and once again, licked her vaginal area and this time, her anus as well, alternating between the two.

“You’d never lick your wife’s ass would you?” Nisha said as she pushed her backside back on Dad’s face and stared right at me.

“No,” Dad mumbled while spitting into her nether regions. “Oh Nisha, it’s so sweet.”

Dad and Nisha had been engaging for a while in their hardcore foreplay but surely he would not go so far as to actually fuck her. Surely he was still decent enough not to commit official adultery against my mother?

Nope. In no time at all, he stood up and rubbed that big, throbbing penis into her pink folds. Nisha and Dad both gasped as he worked his manhood into her from behind. While he was putting it in, he looked across the room and saw me.


Nisha wasn’t about to let him be guilt-tripped into stopping.

“Look over here!” she shouted at me. “Look at your daddy fucking me.”

Nisha turned her head back at Dad and told him not to stop.

“Yeah daddy. Don’t stop. Teach your son how to make love to a woman.”

“Oh, oh, oh!” Dad yelled out as he started to fuck her, looking down at her, then over to me and then back at her.

“I love your big daddy cock inside me!” she cried out. “Fuck me daddy! Yeah, fuck me hard!”

Dad obeyed, going deep and slamming her from behind like a jackhammer. He later flipped her around on her back and spread her legs wide open. He plunged back down into her, slamming away as his big balls made that skin-to-skin slapping sound.

Looking around the room, I was horrified to see the two redneck boys next door looking inside the window. One of the little bastards had his smart phone up, capturing the whole thing. I, being the weakling I was, just continued to watch my Dad and Nisha, too embarrassed to go out outside and risk being called a sissy cuckold by the neighbors.

“Oh Nisha! Oh Nisha!” Dad yelled at the top of his lungs.

He pumped harder and harder then practically screamed as he ejaculated into her. Nisha came at the same time he did. Both of them were surely heard by more neighbors considering the windows were open.

After they had finished, the two of them breathed heavy for a while, forgot I was there, and then started to kiss again and roll around in the bed. The show was over so I went back to the living room to watch television. Only, it wasn’t over. In no time, I could hear them again going for a second round. This time though, I stayed in the living room, thinking about how I hated them right now.

About a half hour later, I heard them having sex again: this time, in the shower. My 67 year old father was definitely a stud.

“Oh Vijay,” Nisha said walking into the living room after they’d finished and gotten dressed. “I’ve had fun but it’s time to go home.”

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting your father,” she said before kissing me on the cheek.

I couldn’t speak as I got up off the couch. On the way out, Dad and I looked at each other, both stone-faced, not knowing what to say. I walked right past him without saying goodbye but he put his hand on my shoulder to stop me then whispered in my ear:

“Vijay my boy, that was one hell of a birthday present. Thank you.”

Shit, I had completely forgotten that it was his birthday.

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