Mridul made Richa satisfied-4

I just put my hands on her head and stood there looking down at her as she worshipped at my alter of cock. When I happen to look up I saw Richa standing in the hallway watching. She kinda had a sad look on her face. When she saw me look at her, she just slowly turned and walked away. I felt a pinch of guilt but it quickly passed as I looked back down at my sexy mommy sucking me with all she had. She was getting desperate now and took her mouth off me long enough to say, come on baby, give Mommy what she needs! Hearing her say that and feeling her desperate mad sucking was what sent me over the edge and I erupted into her incredible mouth. She milked me for every drop I had and licked me clean and then collapsed back on to the couch. I picked her up and carried her into her room and put her to bed. She fell quickly asleep.

I then made my way down to Richa’s room and told her how much I had missed her and still needed her. She seemed to really perk up and we got naked and I had her sit her huge fat black ass on my face and I ate her asshole and pussy for an hour before she mounted me and rode my big cock till I blasted a nice big load up into her belly and I slept in her bed that night. I never wanted her to ever feel like she was being replaced. I would have never made it through those years without her.

The next few days went basically the same. I would pretend to do research and tests during the day and at night mom would be forced to blow me for her medicine. One evening I even told her to suck me twice to see if a double dose would fend off the cravings longer. Of course I knew they wouldn’t, but I just couldn’t get enough of her.
The only thing left to do then was find a way to fuck her and make it seem as if it was for the cure. This would come on the tenth day.

I told Mom that I had come to a point in my research that I would have to do a exam of her body, and unfortunately it would include a pelvic exam…( Ya, I know, I’m a son of a bitch, sorry folks).

She was very uncomfortable but said she understood and it was still much better than trying to explain all this to some doctor who wasn’t even as smart as I was to begin with.

I was glad she saw it my way.

I made an examination table in the lab in our basement and even set it up with stirrups for her legs to rest in. This was a must for what I had in mind. I had decided on a plan to get her to let me fuck her and bring down more of the walls between us and get to my real agenda. A husband and wife kind of life with her. That’s the dream at least.

So it was time for moms exam and she came in to my lab in just a silk robe. Her curves were simply breath taking. I could have almost raped her right there if I had a little less self control.

I tried to be as professional as I could to make her feel more comfortable. But when I asked her to unrobe and climb on the table, I was nowhere near ready for the incredible heavenly vision that I saw before me. I went hard as a rock and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Her voluptuous womenly body was beyond words. Her huge brown nipples and thick Forrest of public hair just simply took my breath away, and her hips, my god her sexy hips and legs! Dear lord!
Her ass and breasts we’re something of mythical tales, certainly not in the real world and right here in front of me?? I would most certainly do anything within my power to be with her now, no holding back.

She got up on the table but kept her legs together. This would not do! I gentaly took ahold of them and put them in the stirrups, leaving her spread wide open to me now.
I swear to God I almost fainted, I shit you not!

It was like I was looking into my past, present and future all at once. It was perfect, it was Nirvana, and I would make it mine and mine alone.

It was time for the exam to begin and I didn’t even know where to start? I was like a kid in a candy store. My mother saw my huge erection and blushed. I said, sorry mom, but your just so beautiful.
Well that made her blush harder, but she just said, don’t worry about it, it’s natural for a boy your age,.. then she said, well I guess I should have said, a man your age. I said thanks for understanding.

Now I got down to business. I started at her head and planned to work my way down. I paid a tad bit longer on her heavenly breasts than I probably should have, but whatcha gonna do, ya know? Then I work down over her stomach and settled in at the furry opening and set up camp.
I got a short stool and got ready to really enjoy myself. I was not going anywhere anytime soon. I examined her clit and lips and asshole very very carefully. Then I told her to breath easy and I started to easy first one then two fingers inside my sexy mother. I was life changing for me. It took super human strangth not to lean forward and feast on her magical pussy, to this day I still don’t know how I held back.
But back to mom, she gasped out loud when I slipped my fingers into her and I felt a little cum shoot out in my pants.
I felt around inside her for quite a while, exploring her treasure. I took some swabs and asked several medical questions so it appeared I was really doing something down there, but really I was just living the dream. I even think she had a small orgasm twords the end before I slipped my fingers out of her.

When I stood up mom started to get up and I told her wait, that we weren’t done yet and to stay with her legs up in the stirrups. She did as she was told. Then I pulled the stool over beside her up by her head and sat down in it, took her hand in mine and told her we had to talk about something. She gave me a nervous smile and said sure sweetheart, we don’t have many secrets between us these days, and gave me a Shakey laugh.

Ok, here’s the thing mom. I’ve learned many things in the past few days, but I still don’t know how my sperm is being ingested inside of you? I don’t know if it’s being absorbed through your stomach or oral glands or just through the skin? And that’s very important to me and my tests, I have to know what part of your body is ingesting my sperm and why?

Ok Maddy, she said, how do we find that out?

Ok mom you have to hear me out on this cause I have goen over it and over it and I just can’t come up with any other way.

Ok son, what is it, she said very nervously.

Mom, I need to see the effects of the sperm given to you vaginally.

WHAT!!! WHAT!!! Oh no Mridul!! There must be some other way!!

There’s not mom! For god sakes if there was don’t you think I would be trying it?? I’ve goen over and over this, it’s what I need to do to go forward with the tests and research.
There simply no choice mom!

Oh Lord, oh Lord. What would we have to do Mridul?

Don’t worry mom, I’ll be right here every step of the way, I swear it. Your not alone, we’re in this together mommy. I love you so very much.

Oh sweetie, I love you too and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done and for being so strong with all I’ve put you through.

It nothing mom, really. Your worth it to me and so much more.

I told Mom to close her eyes and keep them closed until I said, she did as I told her.
I then walked around and stepped between mom’s spread wide open legs and I dropped my pants unleashing my acking cock. Got some ky jelly that I had used for my figures during the exam and put some on my cock head.
I lined up my dick at her furry slit and pushed my bloated head in her.
Mom’s eyes shot open and she gasped a painful gasp. She looked down and said, oh my God, your in me Mridul!!

Yes Mommy, I told you I had to give you your medicine vaginally this time, we just talked about this.

I thought you were going to use a turkey baster or something like that, oh my God you have your penis in your mother!!!

I moved forward and sunk a few more inches in her and she yelled out again. I can’t do it that way mom, it will mess up the tests.

She arched her head back and said, Mridul, your to big for me, oh dear heavily fuck!! Your to big baby, pull out slowly!!

You’ll be ok mom, your body MADDY adjust, I swear! And with that I sank the rest of my angry intruder into her depths and came to rest against her cervix where my life began. Mom screamed out and had her eyes shut tight and her jaw clinched together like a steal trap. Neather one of us moved. My cock was twitching and jumping inside her, but we both stayed still. After a few minutes her clinched face softened and she opened her eyes and looked at me. I thought she would be in raged with me, but she started to tear up. She looked at me and said, oh my baby boy, I haven’t had you inside me for 27 years almost. I don’t know why, but it just feels right to have you back inside your Mommy. It just feels like you belong there. I don’t know, I guess I’ve just been to emotionally overwhelmed lately. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. Just go ahead baby, go ahead and give Mommy her medicine.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard her say, it both touched my heart and soul, and turned me on more than anything else in my entire life…. I was ready to breed my mother as I claim her for myself and no one else. I drew back on my cock and brought some out before pushing it back down to her cervix again. Mom moaned in pleasure. I fucked her in and out slowly for about 10 or 15 minutes I would say just looking down at her beautiful face as she looked back at me, our eyes locked together in our gaze. I took one of her sexy feet out of the stirrups and sucked on her beautiful red painted toes and licked the bottom of her foot as I thrust in and out of her velvety hole. She really seemed to enjoy my attention to her foot so I picked up the other one and treated it to the same. Her feet had always turned me on so much over the years that I was feeling my orgasm building because of finally getting my chance to taste her bare sexy feet. I set her legs back in the stirrups and fell forward on to her and grabbed her giant tits, one in each hand and pushed them together and went back and forth suckling on her huge brown nipples as I started to really pound into mom and listen to her cries of pleasure and sin. We were one, fucking and grunting like animals.
I looked up at her and she came forward and stuck her tongue in my mouth and I sucked it like a dick, not ever wanting to let it out of my mouth. When we did break free of our taboo embrace, mother couldn’t stop screaming out and finally she grabbed me by the head and said now Mridul, NOW!! Give Mommy her medicine now baby!! Oh God Son, CUM IN ME NOW!!!!
I obayed her and shot a cannon fire load of hot sperm deep into my mother’s belly and kept pounding and squirting in her for what seemed like an in possible amount of time.
After that I collapsed into her and rested my head on her sweaty breasts and thanked my maker for being born.

… Later that night mom asked me to sleep in her bed so she would feel safe having her medicine close to her. I was more than happy to do so. I bent her over the bed and got my face up between her big ass cheeks and made a meal of her delicious sweet asshole while she squeaked and giggled. I flipped her over and feasted on her incredibly hair pussy and drank squirt after gushing squirt of her cunt jucies until my jaw was looking up. Then she climbed up on me and sunk her perfect pussy down on my cock and slowly rode me while I breast fedd from Mom’s huge hanging utters that were so beautiful with there blue vains and stretch marks. She rode me until I exploded in her once again and then we fell asleep together with her still laying on top of me arms and legs wrapped around me, her baby boy.

A few days later I faked coming up with the cure. I knew mom would always be mine now. I never will tell Mom about Richa and I, it would just hurt her and even though all my dreams have come true, I have no intention of giving up my Richa girl, she’s my black Amazon queen, and she always will be, she’s earned that.
Life is pretty damn good with my two ladies in the same house with me. I feel like I just want to freeze time and have it be this way forever, but I won’t look a miracle in the mouth.

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