Having sex with my hot mom-4

Mom hadn’t had sex in over Five years since Dad died. I found out later that she didn’t even own a vibrator, and I also found out later that I was quite a bit larger than dad was.

I said to mom, no that’s about half, there’s more to go mom.

Oh God teddy, I don’t think I can do it. Your stretching me to far! Please baby, I want to make you happy, but I don’t think I can take anymore!

Relax mom, you had babies, you can take this. And with that I pushed another few inches up in her. She cried out at first but then went silent again, still shaking.
I started to fuck in and out of her with just about 3/4 of my dick for a minute and then I shoved the whole thing into her at once bottoming on with my balls against her and my cockhead in her cervix…. She screamed at the top of her lungs in one big screech! But I was in her now and I started to fuck her at a steady pace. I reached around and grabbed her meaty tits and kissed her neck and shoulders as I used her body for my pleasure.

As I pumped in and out of her she couldn’t stop the sounds that exscaped her mouth. She was being fuck hard and good and she sounded like it. I was far beyond lust know, I was a man/boy possessed. Her pussy felt a hundred times better than the old ladies did and the fact that I was inside my mother added a level of excitement that I cannot explain!
I felt like I was going to cum soon and I wasn’t ready for this first time between us to end yet, so I pulled my cock out of her and I took hold of her and turned her around facing me.
Her face was completely flush and she was breathing heavily. I leaned forward and kissed her. It took a second but she opened up and took my tongue in. Then I broke the kiss and dropped to my knees, I had to know what she tasted like, HELL I had to know what pussy tasted like PERIOD!!

I was now looking at a truly huge bush. It spread from an inch under her bellybutton down her vee and crept up on either side of her thighs. It was beautiful!! I shoved my face in between her thighs and she jumped and gasped again as if she wasn’t ready for it or wasn’t expecting it at least. After a few seconds of me just lapping at thigh flesh, she spread her legs for me and I was in! I finally made contact with her juciey pussy lips and large clit. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I just licked and sucked wildy. I wasn’t thinking about making her cum at the time, I just wanted to taste all her her that I could. I must have eventually done something right, because all of the sudden mom grabbed my head and moaned very loudly and a gush of pussy fluid came rushing into my mouth! At that moment I thought her had lost control of her blatter and was peeing into my mouth, but it tasted so good and it was from my mother so I didn’t even care. I drank happily and all I could. I was so reved up I wanted to be inside every part of her body. After I drank all she had to give me, I spun her around by her hips and pulled her ass cheeks apart and shoved my face between them. I think out of shock she fell forward which gave me complete access to her butthole. I instinctively stuck my tongue right into her rectum and tried to lick up anything I could. My lust was out of control. After what seemed like a long time of lapping at her asshole and sucking on the insides of her hairy ass cheeks, I broke loose and stood back up. I turned mom around so she was facing me and lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge of the counter. I stepped in and shoved my dripping cock back inside her heavenly cunt and took hold of her hips and started to jack-hammer her as if I was trying to drive my cock through her. She was whaling incoherently. Moans and sobbs coming out of her thrashing body. I couldn’t stop it know, my cum was rising. I grabbed the back of mom’s head and stuck my tongue down her throat and blew load after load up into her mommy womb. I unloaded like a fire hose inside her. My balls slapping off her plump ass cheeks as I needed my mother. It felt like my soul smiled inside me.

After cumming, we were wrapped around each other, just shaking and breathing heavily together. When I cought my breath, I lifted her face up to look at me in the eyes and said,.. I love you Mom, you belong to me now. Now and forever!
Know you say it mom, I want to hear you say it.

My mother kissed me and said, I belong to you and only you, now and forever. You are my man and master of this family my love.

I pulled my cock out of her body and let her off the counter. I told her that when I got home that night and after Vibha was in bed, I was going to come to her room and take what was mine. I felt a shiver run though her body when I told her this. She just simply said, what ever you wish my son, My love.

I did come home that night and every night for the last 15 years. I’m 30 now and mom is 60. We are still very happy together and she still makes me come so hard that sometimes it almost hurts.

The End

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